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German Language Courses in IBZ Dortmund GmbH

TestDaF and all levels of the DSH preparatory courses at IBZ Dortmund GmbH


An increasing number of foreign students want to study in Germany. If you do not have Abitur in Germany or a German-speaking school certificate abroad and would like to study in Germany, you have to pass the German Language Examination (DSH or TestDaf) successfully for the university registration, before you can begin to study at a German university.


For foreign students, the DSH certificate does not only certify your knowledge of German language, but is also a prerequisite for taking up your studies at a university in Germany.


If you have really decided to attend the DSH exam, the best way to prepare for this exam is to attend a language course. The courses of these schools are very intensive, high-quality as well as optimally tailored to the DSH exam. The IBZ Dortmund offers preparatory courses for the DSH. For many years the IBZ Dortmund has been preparing its students in intensive courses for the DSH and TestDaF examinations.


The IBZ Dortmund is particularly specialized in German courses in the field of "German as a Foreign Language". The German courses in IBZ Dortmund are divided into five different levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 + DSH preparation. At the same time, these courses also serve as preparatory courses for the TestDaF examinations as well as the linguistic entrance exam for the Studienkolleg.


Students from different countries and cultures come to IBZ Dortmund to learn German.


Visiting our courses is the first step on this path. In a lively and activating learning environment, our participants will find everything they need to be fit for the DSH within a year. Each course level of the IBZ Dortmund comprises 200 teaching units of 45 minutes each hour and usually lasts 8 weeks.
In general, the lesson lasts 5 hours per day, from Monday to Friday.


Qualified and motivated teachers with many years of teaching experience as well as up-to-date materials and methods ensure effective and comprehensive learning in IBZ Dortmund. In addition, we support and advise our students in questions of the everyday organization (authorities, applications, health insurance, public transport, etc.) and individual education planning (Studienkolleg, Universities, Fachhochschulen, Akademien etc.)

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