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Course Description: Pre-intermediate II - A2

Course duration: 200 hours (one lesson = 45 Minutes) 8 Weeks
Course schedule: Monday to Friday
mornings: 9:00 -13:00 Uhr
afternoons: 13:30 -17:30 Uhr
Course location : IBZ Dortmund GmbH
Course Fee: 499,- Euro

The pre-intermediate level II (A 2) comprises 200 teaching units, 15 of which are communicative lessons.


The prerequisite for participation in pre-intermediate level II is an A 1 certificate with approx. 220-230 teaching hours. A grading test for pre-intermediate level II is obligatory for the external participants.


The pre-intermediate level II requires sufficient knowledge of the linguistic skills acquired in elementary level I. On the other hand, it aims at practicing the grammar structures relevant in this level. Moreover, listening, speaking, reading and writing are also intensively trained and improved, in order to prepare the students for the following intermediate level I (B 1) course.


Lectures are taught with a teaching and workbook (meetings A2 +) and with materials compiled by the teacher.


An examination takes place every week to check the learning progress in the different areas.


Passing the final examination at the end of the course entitles the students to participate in the intermediate level I (B 1).

Applied Teaching Material:


Level A2 +, encounters


Integrated course and work book, Schubert-Verlag


ISBN-13: 978-3-929526-89-9


ISBN-10: 3-929526-89-1


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